The John Maxwell Team has designed several DISC assessments. We have a Sales Style version of the assessment which focus’ on your sales style and how to relate to your prospect. There is a Sales Leadership assessment as well which can focus on connecting with your team if you are a manager or a  business owner. I have attached a sample copy of each report for your review.

Thank you for listening to my 7-minute talk on DISC. Several of you have expressed an interest in the assessment.

This offer is for BNI Networkers Choice exclusively and one other designated person of your choice. Each choice is $95. It expires April 4, 2019. You may select:

  • The Sales Version of DISC and a 30-minute follow-up with me for $95.
  • The Sales Leader Version of DISC and a 30 minute follow-up with me for $95.
  • The Full Personality Version of DISC and a 30 minute follow-up with me for $95.

In addition,  you have an invitation to participate in my Sales Impact Workshop. This is a virtual, 1 hour workshop, on using knowledge of your personality style to enhance your communication with your prospects and customers. I will schedule the workshop based on the responses to this offer.

download sample

Please fill out the following form if you would like to purchase the above offer. If you have any trouble using this form just send an email to

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