Here are 3 reasons why I am excited for you to learn about the SALES IMPACT REPORTS

Growth Impact Report- This report offers a 3 dimensional report for your clients who are seeking deep awareness. This report provides the key aspects of Communication Impact report with the addition of their role preference on a team and what they value most in their work. This report is a perfect first step for your mentorship and coaching clients.

  1. It will teach you to Understand YOUR selling style – for SURE you’ll learn new things about yourself!
  2. You’ll Understand your BUYER’S buying style : People have different personalities, and they think, do and BUY uniquely based on those personalities! This is like a KEY to unlock the CASTLE door once you master it! And you CAN master it!
  3. And with these two pieces of information, you can consistently sell more efficiently and effectively – you WILL get more sales!

If your goal is to add value to ANYONE in an influential way, you must learn the art of selling. This art begins first by understanding of your OWN selling style, then learn the buying styles of your customers, and matching the two styles together for maximum sales benefit.

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